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Standard Assignment Block BTCAMPAIGN is not visible in configuration

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Hi All,

we are facing the problem that the standard assignment block BTCAMPAIGN is not visible for Sales Order. The assignment block is maintained in configuration for sales order overview set SOHOVERVIEW in component BT115H_SLSO (see pic1).

Nevertheless it does not show up when creating a sales order. We tried also to reset configuraiton to default but that does not work either.

I checked also that my new defined config is called really by the viewset SOHOVERVIEW and it does (see pic2). So when I create a sales order still somehow my config and the assignment blocks are not visualized. Why is that happening?

When I go to personalize i can not see the config I have actually defined (see pic3). Also no other config exists what that kind of assignment blocks.

Any help welcome....


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from pic3 click on "Reset to Default" and check .



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Hi All,

we found out that voucher code has to be placed on item level. Than it works.

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Hi Oliver,

very useful thread, just one point.

How do you place the voucher code in BTCAMPAIGN block at item level?

Field VOUCHER_CODE is in display-only mode: ABAP code in its GET_I method put it always not editable.

Thanks in advance, BR.