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Split revenue between sales team in forecast

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I have a problem with spliting revenue between sales team in the opportunity. I have that option enabled in business-configuration:

But when I add myself as a sales team member in an opportunity like this:

I can't add such opportunity and a part of its revenue into my forecast (there only opportunities where I am an owner)

Opportunity close date is inside the forecast range and opportunity is marked for forecast as well:

How can I get to split the revenu in this case?

Best regards,

Nadezhda Rukavishnikova

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please Maintain  the below conditions on the opportunity. Then you can create a forecast.

  1. Opportunity with Publish to forecast flag set to true.
  2. Opportunity start and end dates should fall within the forecast dates
  3. Opportunity owner should be same as Forecast owner/employee
  4. Opportunity currency should be same as the Forecast currency.



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Thank you for your answer. I checked all the conditions you mentioned to be true, except for the second person is not Opportunity Owner, but a member of Sales team. But this Project scope option should account exactly for that

Best regards,

Nadezhda Rukavishnikova

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