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Sort And Filter(Ascending & Descending) is not available in BTPARTNER

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Hi All,

My requirement was to separate the 1st name and last name in BTPARTNER/PartnerSelList as the name was concatenated into single before.

Now I have separated the same to 1stname and last name. But the Sort Ascending/Descending is not available for the 1st name(filter is there), whereas for the last name bothe filter and sort functionality is available in WEB UI.

Please let me know how to add the sort Ascending/Descending for the 1st name in WEB UI screen.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ginger,

You need to implement the GET_P method of both the fields.

here is the code you need to add:

METHOD get_p_firstname.

CASE iv_property.

WHEN if_bsp_wd_model_setter_getter=>fp_sortable.

rv_value = 'TRUE'.



have a look at class CL_BTPARTNE_PARTNER0_CN00 method GET_P_PARTNER_NO_DESCR (this is the component BTPARTNER, view Partner, Node BTPARTNER field PARTNER_NO_DESCR

Kind regards,


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