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Solution search in IC

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Hello All.

Is SAF mandatory for any kind of solution search in IC?

If you don't want to perform searching on several different items and files etc, do you still require SAF/ TREX?

If all you need is just a simple solution search within SAP CRM, can we do without SAF / TREX?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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HI Pallav,

As far my reading from

i found this....

No separate installation of the SAF is necessary. However, Search and Classification (TREX) - specifically the TREX search engine and text mining engine - is a required component of the SAF. Install TREX 6.1 with RFC connection. See Installing Retrieval and Classification (TREX) in a Non-Portal Environment. This installation guide is available at ® EP 6.0 ®Installation.

Hence i think even though if you are not implementing TREX component shud have it installed...

But in practical scenario Julius's solution may be perfect..


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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I believe SAF settings ware required. But I dont think you need TREX. In one of my prev projects I implemented simple FAQS in SAP GUI (i.e. problems and solutions) and that too without TREX in place.

Initially I did not maintain the SAF settings and was getting short dumps (errors). Once I maintained the basic settings in SPRO w.r.t SAF, it started working smoothly.

So I believe TREX installation is not a obligatory.

Hope this helps solve your issue.