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Solution Mgr & CRM 2007

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Would love to get some insight of others who are implementing CRM 2007 with Solution Manager. Curious to know the strategies regarding the Project Mgmt & Blueprinting and the implementation content. Doesn anyone know if the 2007 content is available for building the business processes ?

thanks in advance


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If your solution manager has the latest content patches then there should be content for CRM 2007 available. If not then someone needs to explain why it is not available. Now honestly solution manager is a "tool" and will allow you to document your project as needed.

Solution manager is "useful" for documenting your business processes, but never should replace the actual definition phase with the business. In otherwords you still need to understand the business processes that you are trying to define in solution, before using the tool. The tool will give you some of the best practices, and allow you to tailor "standard" processes as needed.

However contrary to the marketing hype it is possible to implement CRM without using the delivered solution management content. I would guess a majority of the live implementations of SAP CRM never used solution manager except to get access keys.

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