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SNP/SAP [APO] Plan replenishment between two suppliers ( split 60% / 40% )

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Hi all,

Am seeking help in understanding if it possible ( am sure it is 😛 ) and then how to do it.

I have a SKU that has volume allocated to two suppliers and I need APO to plan to replenish stock as below.

Month 1 - Plan to order from Supplier A 60%

Month 2 - Plan to order from Supplier B 40%

Cycle repeats it self. Please try to navigate me to how to solve this issue. Please note that volume changes as per forecast but amount 60% and 40% does not change.

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Dear colleague,

In general splits for procurement can be modeled by quota arrangements. But as Mariah already pointed out more details will be required in order to answer your question:

1) what planning method are you using? SNP Heuristic will apply the quota for each planning period while SNP Optimizer will apply it over the validity of the quota arrangement. Which has consequences for the maintenance of quota Arrangements.

2) what is 100% in the above example? The net demand of month 1 plus month 2?

If so then surely this will be very tricky as SNP Heuristic plans the net demand of each planning period individually. So you might need a fiscal variant to create a period Month 1-2, Month 3-4, Month 5-6 and so on. Next in the quota arrangement master you could maintain the 60/40 Split. But this Logic will not put the supplies in the right month so you need to restrict the validity of the source of supply so the SoS of supplier A is only valid in month 1, 3, 5 ,... and the SoS of supplier B only valid in month 2, 4, 6,... . This will require a lot of master data maintenance. Maybe it will be easier to adjust the Order Dates in the BAdI /SAPAPO/SNP_HEU.

Anyway, there seems to be no easy out of the box solution and I would suggest to involve the expertize of an experienced consultant to judge in very detail as there is also the risk to uncover any bug as this is a "first time requirement."

Good luck, Nico