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Small gaps in recordings

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Hey there!

We got an interesting question to which we don't know how to answer.
The thing is from time to time it seems that there are small gaps in the recording files. Has anyone else noticed that?

Best wishes,

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jaanus,

I assume that there is voice missing from both sides? If that is the case then I would set up resource monitoring to server which is running recording MRS component (CPU and HDD activity). If you see quite high CPU utilization then it indicates that MRS is doing heavy compression for the recordings. HDD activity is normally not causing major issues as the files are stored to temp location before transferring to actual destination. The temp location is defined in IA and we recommend to change the default.

If voice is missing only from other party then it's getting littlebit more tricky. It can be about headset, workstation or network.


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