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SLA alert when overdue

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Dear Experts,

i am checking the "Alert when overdue" of SLA's milestones.

If a ticket is created in the system and automatically assigned to an employee using Employee Work Distribution rule, then the alert is sent to the assigned employee.

Instead, if a ticket is assigned only to an Org Unit via Organizational Work Distribution, no employee is alerted. I thought that the manager would be notified, but not.

Is this an issue of the system or what?

Thank you

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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It is best practice to use the Territory management features to enable routing of tickets.

We will eventually deprecate the service organization based routing (we have not enhanced nor resolved issues with work distribution) to simplify administration of the solution so you should start with the right setup.

It is also best practice to the the Workflow engine to notify parties

We will also eventually deprecate the BTM notifications for SLA out of compliance (we have not enhanced nor resolved issues with BTM notifications) to also simplify administration of the solution.

Thus to achieve your use-case, you should...

1. Setup territory management to define the queues/territories you want to assign tickets to.

2. Add users to territories to define who has access to what queues/territories

3. Setup workflow where the condition would be "Before/After X duration of SLA timepoint date/time" where "processor is not null", and action is send email notification to processor

This would ensure that notifications are only sent to the processor of a ticket when SLA out of compliance happens. Typically when a ticket does not have a processor and goes into SLA out of compliance, you typically do a "reroute" to a higher level queue and reset the SLA. This could be achieved with

4. Setup workflow where the condition would be "Before/After X duration of SLA timepoint date/time" where "processor is null", and action is call "Escalate" action and call "Redetermine Territory" action (planned for 1511 as PSM/workflow released action). You would need to define a territory for escalated/higher level tickets when SLA is out of compliance and the territory management engine can route the ticket to this higher level queue based on a condition (in this case when the escalated flag is true)

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