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Skipping of Status in Status Profile

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Hi All   ,

If we use Status Profile logic , We have made a Status Profile for a Transaction Type . This Transaction type has 2 sets of brands .

In Status Profile , we have 5 Status as 10 , 20 ,30 , 40 and 50 . For 1 set we want to use this complete Status Profile , but for 2 nd set we want to skip

30 and 40  . How can we achieve it ?

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Answers (3)

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Hi Sanjiv,

We can write logic to restrict status based on process_type(as per you requirement) in CRM_ORDER_STATUS which will work with no doubt.

We can also remove unwanted status(s) from dropdown in GET_V_LCSTATUS( ) based on our custom logic.

If we do so user will not able to see remaining status(s) in WebUI.

with regards,

Pramod Kumar Mandal.

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2 brands cannot be entered in same transaction, right?

You need to enhance the attribute of User Status (I can't remember the field name as I don't have access to any system right now) by BSP Workbench. I had done similar development before; just read the first item's brand in the code and delete 30 and 40 steps from the dropdown list per your requirement if needed.

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I know Kivanc that 2 brands can't be entered for a Transaction type . let me check the BSP Workbench with technical team .

I am a Functional Consultant .

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Hi Sanjeev,

You can try to explore badi CRM_ORDER_STATUS, method BEFORE_CHANGE, and apply your business logic there to hide the status (by raising exception NOT_ALLOWED for desired status).

See if it helps you a little more.

Kind regards,


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I will check it out with technical team  , looks good we can ride this exception logic NOT ALLOWED  in Badi . CRM_ORDER_STATUS .

Thanks Bruno !!!