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Service Request Error with Multilevel Categorization

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Hi CRM Gurus,

I'm receiving an error message when I fill diferent categorization levels (randomly) in a Service Request Form.

The Error is the follow:


The system tries to access a specific partner function type. But in the partner determination procedure (of that transaction type/item type), no partner function of that type is defined. So the system cannot decide which partner function to take.

System Response

An error message is raised.


Enhance the partner determination procedure

The question is what is the relation between the categorization Schema and the partner determination procedure? Because I dont remember have done any cuastomizing related to that.

Thanks in advance,

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Nicolas,

you are right - there is no direct relation between partners and categorization schema.

Maybe an indirect relation via the serviceproduct - sla profile to partners is given in your case.

But what i assume is simple:

The selection of categorization in the servicerequest executes a round-trip. At the round-trip the servicerequest is checked for failures completly - not only categorization errors. Please check if you have the same error if you just enter a description for the servicerequest and hit enter to force the roundtrip. If yes this has nothing to do with categorization.

Kind regards


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Hi Manfred,

Thanks for the advice, its make sense.

I already checked the incompleteness (service req. description, etc.) and I found that the error occurs just in three of the five categories I have in my first level of the categorization.

In these three categories, I have four levels instead of five in the tree (categorization schema), so I supposed the error could be in relation with the last category missing in the last level.

What I did was creating a dummy level in order to fill the last level.

Unfortunately it doesn't fix the problem.

There is no other data missing or incomplete in the form. Any other suggestion would be really appreciate.

Thanks and regards,


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