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Service process

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Hi experts,

We have service scenario in crm system.

service order contains item level service product(service item) as well as service material(return material).

we have ecc integration with crm.

Once we create service order in crm. should it replicated to ecc?.Or we can create

service conformation for service product(service) as followup document, and return order for service material and replicate it into ecc for delivery.

please can you explain the best practice when you create service order with service products as well as returnable products.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Murali very clearely explained about the standard process.In your case please create the new document type Returns and process the return material.It help for further analyze like how many material is returned for particular defect.

To answer your question if the CRM is leading system for service process,Please replicate all the service order to ECC.It basically help when you create the service order with deliverable material.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Siddarth,

1. As per SAP standard system, in any service order you can enter the following items in Item details tab page

a) Service item

A service item includes a service product (product of the type Service).

b) Service part item

A service part item contains a service part (product of the type Material which is required in the context of a service).

c) Sales item

A sales item contains a product (product of the type Material, which is delivered to the customer via the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system).

d) Expense item

An expense item contains a product of the type Material, which you use to create expenses (such as taxi fares, overnight hotel stays, or incidentals).

e) Tool item

A tool item contains a tool (product of the type Material which is required in the context of a service).

As mentioned you can use any of the above items in service order based on business requirements

Assume that your business scenario has only items a)Service product, c) Sales product.We know that delivery is not supported in standard CRM system, but here in our business scenario we have the sales product which need to be delivered to the customer, which can happen through your backend ECC system. Now when ever you create service order with service product and sales product, the system will create sales order only with sales productin ECC system corresponding to service order. For this to happen you need to maintain similar settings for transaction types(CRM)/document types(ECC), Item categories(CRM,ECC), Item category determination(CRM,ECC). once you have done that the system will try to replicate the items whose item category(Item object type) is relevant to frlow back to ecc system. data exchange will happen automatically after maintaining the necessary settings, you need not create sales order in ECC.

2. But the concern here is, you have the return material in your service order, you can achieve this with documents like "Complaint" or "Return". In this case when ever you enter the return material, the system will create corresponding return sales order in ECC system after the necessary settings are maintained . then you can do the goods receipt for the same.

And also you can achieve this with service order which is not standard because this is not the best practice, the best practice is achieving this with complaint and return. Please follow the following steps to get that with service order

1. Create a document type in ECC corresponding to service order transaction type in CRM(Names must be same), In customization of document type in ECC enter the document category as "H-Returns"

2. In similar way create the Item categories and Itemcategory determination in ECC as in CRM .

3. Now when creating the service order , enter the return material in sales tab page of item details.

4. After saving the service order, system will create return sales order in ECC sytem corresponding to service order.then you can do the inbound delivery and goods receipt for the same.

to achieve this number ranges must be same and also you should have activated adapter object "SALESDOCUMENT" in CRM

For any further clarification and help please reply

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