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SEO Shorten category URL

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The company I'm working with wants the category URL shortened so eliminate the /c/{code} portion of the URL. I've found where to change the category name but I haven't found how to shorten the URL so the /c/{code} is not displayed. Is there a SEO URL mapping file or is a custom URL mapper class needed? We are running Hybris v5.7



This is what I've found on Hybris Help

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That /c/{code} part is what lets Spring MVC know to use the CategoryPageController

The bit before /c isn't important (isn't used for category lookup), and in fact you'll notice that it redirects you to the 'correct' url if you go to something like

If you want to remove it then you'd need to have a controller that can look up categories by name and since name isn't a unique attribute you'll need to decide what to do if 2 or more categories are found with the same name. Which category do you display?

I have seen implementations where there is a servlet filter that does lookup of so called SEO friendly urls and internally forward to the desired Hybris url but it just seems to me to be a huge amount of maintenance for little gain. I guess it keeps the SEO bods in work.