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Sending Email using the Outlook Client

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Hi, I'm working on CRM 2007 and our client don't want to use the Web UI for send mails, then how can I open the default mail client when the user clic over mail address.

Thanks for your help


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Answers (4)

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I tried to enhance the Method like described...

But I'm new in WebUi and can't find the possibility to enhance the Method...

What I did so far...

1) In Transaction "bsp_WD_CMPWB" I choosed Component "BP_ADDR" and created a copy in our "Z_CRM" EnhancementSet

2) I used the right Mousebutton to Enhance the "BP_ADDR/StandardAddress" View

Two things had been automatically generated/created...

- Table Contents BSPWD_CMP_C_REPL


3) I doubleclick on the enhanced View "BP_ADDR/StandardAddress"

(-> In the "View Layout" node the StandardAddress.html is still using the Super Classes / Implementation Class CL_BP_ADDR_STANDARDADDRES_CN01 )

4) If I go to Implemetation Class CL_BP_ADDR_STANDARDADDRESS_CN01

5) Select method "GET_P_E_MAILSMT" (and look into the coding)

The enhancement Functions there are not working for meu2026

I tried the Button with the (Sprial / helix)

and the Menu "Edit"-> "Enhancement Operations"

Where is my error?! (I think I have to create a ZClass for the CL_BP_ADDR_STANDARDADDRES_CN01?!?!? But how to???)

I will give all possible points for good answers in this thread...

Thanks for helping anywayu2026

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This sounds very interesting indeed!

Though the first question that pops up into my mind:

It should be rather simple to launch an Outlook mail window by javascript once someone clicks on the email link. But how do you get the send email data into CRM?

cheers Carsten

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Hello Fernando,

Did you work also with attachment in your solution?

Best Regards,


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Solved by myself

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Hi Fernando,

how did you do this? did you enable the persistance in CRM as well or only the send process?



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Hi Martin,

well, our client do not want to use the standar SAP to sending mail. They just want to send a simple mail when click over an e-mail address (mailto function) then the only thing to do is redefine the methods GET_P and GET_V for the email field.

Althought this can be hard if you must do it for many fields, then we was work extend the method CALL_P_GETTER class CL_CHTMLB_CONFIG_UTILITY to consider this option.


Fernando Rodriguez

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Hello Fernando

My clients have the same request to use Outlook instead og SAP-mail, and then I stumbled over your post here.

Could You please tell me what you have coded in the V_ and P_-getters?`

You wrote "the only thing to do is redefine the methods GET_P and GET_V for the email field" - but I don't know what to put in the 2 methods

Hope You can help me out here.

best regards


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Hi Peter,

Pls excuse me by my delay, have you solved this issue? if no please let me know.



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Hello Fernando

I haven't solved my problem yet, so if You have a quick how-to-guide/ code-example for me, it would be much appreciated.

best regards Peter

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The trick is use a web link functionality to email field. To do this enhancement your component and redefine the GET_P method for the field. You can put some code like this:

  DATA : lv_website TYPE string.

  CASE iv_property.
    WHEN if_bsp_wd_model_setter_getter~fp_fieldtype.
      IF IV_DISPLAY_MODE = abap_true.
        rv_value = cl_bsp_dlc_view_descriptor=>field_type_link. &&& Here you assign a link type to field
        rv_value = cl_bsp_dlc_view_descriptor=>field_type_input.

    WHEN if_bsp_wd_model_setter_getter=>fp_onclick.
*     get the current entity
      me->collection_wrapper->find( iv_index = iv_index ).
      me->collection_wrapper->get_current( ).
*     Get the mailto Address
      lv_website = me->GET_E_MAILSMT( attribute_path = 'MAILSMT' ). &&& Here you get the email address.  Note that we don't make any validation of this
      CONDENSE lv_website.
      CONCATENATE 'mailto:' lv_website INTO lv_website. &&& Here you build a URL using mailto protocol

      rv_value = lv_website.



This is an example for the email standard address of Accounts. If you need the same functionality for all email fields I recomend work into class CL_CHTMLB_CONFIG_UTILITY method CALL_P_GETTER