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Segmentation in CRM 7.0

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Hi Experts,

We have confronted with a problem in segmentation involving more than 3 million records, we are on CRM 7.0 which has a scalable segmentation engine, runs with the help of T-REX we noticed the responce time is instantaneous and it also has a friendly segmentation UI, we create Attribue list using BI data( we extracted BI data zipfiled and loaded in to the T-REX), we also noticed that there is no difference in the way the Engine treats the Attribute lists whether they are from BI or CRM, in our scenario we have an educational institution wanting to invite all the students for the vocational programmes and if enrolled would be given a scholarship. But when we click on generate model, taget group is not generated. Any help greately appreciated.


Muralidhar Prasad Chatna

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Hi Murali,

The solution I am suggesting below is for CRM 5.0 pls validate the same for your requirement if it helps.

If you are executing BI Query with lots of data in BI System, it will give you timed out eror even in BI server. Now the same query we are using in CRM for Target group timed out error will appear even in CRM system. The way out for this issue is to put some filters for this BI Query as we do in BI Server.

In Segment builder we have an option "Edit Filter Conditions" where we can put the filter for BI queries used in CRM. This we can get by right click on the Attribute value.

My Suggestion is not to pick all your data at once try putting some filter and minimise the data to be collected in Target group. In other words split your Target groups in 4 to 5 Target gorups.

Hope this willl help