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SDIMa Requests in R3AR2 are not getting deleted giving error message

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Hi Gurus,

A few days back i started SDIMa for customers. Although the process completed after few hours but the requests in R3AR2 are still pending and not getting deleted with the error message "Error in deletion of DIMA_PARTN_ 1 request. It is still running."

There is no queue (Inbound/ Outbound) pending no other processes are running in R3AM1.

But if i m trying to run initial download R3AS for any object the status ll go directly in wait and ll never changes to run or complete.

Neither any other SDIMa instances ll run successfully, and ll go in wait forever, once started.

Any Idea on, how to delete the requests from R3AR2 coz as per my knowledge, that request is keeping the system busy and not allowing to run any other requests and is putting the status in wait forever.

Thanks in Advance



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Hello anly for your info.

SAP did créate a new monitor

SMOF_MONITOR_ALL you can call it from SE38.

From here you can cancel SDIMA instance in Status Running


Marga Ribes

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Hi Ajay,

note " 1785437  - Unable to delete DIMa instance "solve your problem.

You must delete the corresponding entry directly from table SDIMASTAT.

Best Regards


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Hello Ajay,

For the request loads, what status do you observe in txn. R3AR3? Do you mean to suggest that data has been downloaded

into CRM but still the request is in RUNNING status?


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HI Rohit,

I appreciate your response over my post.

There is no data which is getting exchanged between systems through this request, so there is no status for this particular request in R3AR3.

But the request is not getting deleted with the error message "Error in deletion of DIMA_PARTN_ 5 request. It is still running."

Any idea why this is happening or any tip to resolve this issue?