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Saved Search peoblem

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I am using saved search in quotations.It is working fine.once i click on go button ,it is displaying all the quotes with the condition and search fields are in hidden mode(Search view is not displaying).

Up to this everything is fine.

Now i am clicking on the quote search in the navigation area,it is still displaying the same sceen as saved search screen(The behaviour is different in other system ,there it is displaying the all the search fields in serach view and results in results view)

Please help me ,if any body faces this problem.



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Answers (3)

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Solved by self.

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I am not sure if I got your question correctly, either.

Maybe this Note will help you: 1268339

It fixes some strange behaviour of the quotation searches I experienced some time ago.

cheers Carsten

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Hi Adi,

i'm not sure wheter i got your problem.

If you launch a start a saved search out of the "saved searches" box, you only get the result list. If you want to see the search criteria you can either click on "Advanced" or on "Show Search Fields" in the right upper corner.

If you launch a search via the navigation bar. The search fields are usually empty, beside you performed a search before. In this case, you get the former search criteria.

Does this help?