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SAPCommerce 2205 : Issue with ant production command

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I'm trying to upgrade SAP Commerce from version 1905.10 to version 2205.2.

Application is operating without issues in a local environment, but when I attempt to execute the "ant production" command, a 22 Gigabyte zip file is generated.

Npm install is no longer recommended, and rush js is used in its place.

RushJS used to create symbolic links to the jar files in node modules folder which is working fine on local environment.

When we run "ant production," it copies the actual jar files rather than making symbolic links.

This explains why the zip file is so big.

Is there any workaround / solution to fix this.

OS Version on local environment : macOS Monterey Version 12.3.1

Below is the command for reference.

ant production -Dproduction.include.tomcat=false -Dproduction.legacy.mode=false -Dtomcat.legacy.deployment=false


Attached is the log for above command.

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