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[SAP Sales/Service Cloud Version 2] - Implementation

Hello all,

As I'm trying to implement a project in the new version of C4C, I wonder if anyone else is also finding constraints with this new version?
I ask you this because I'm trying to implement it but I'm struggling with the implementation of standard functionalities which have already been delivered (adaptation, business role assignments, including custom business parties in objects, data workbench errors, as examples).
We are dedicating quite some time with the creation and management of SAP incidents due to this issues we are facing, therefore dedicating more time to implementation than we initially estimated.



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Hi Gabriel, we are also trying to implement the SAP Sales and Service Cloud version 2 right now. Hoping to see if your situation is getting better with SAP?
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Hi cc4f00ba-6b54-403d-bf1c-3233ad7ff438,

I can relate to your feelings as we are also implementing the new version and opening 10 incidents per day.

Well, one of them is a 10 years old product with a lot of features, optimizations and hotfixes developed over the years and the other is only recently been published. It'd be unfair to expect a "C4C but way better" in a glimpse.

The bugs we are reporting are being fixed on the go, without waiting for releases; same goes for new features.

We just have to keep reporting the bugs we have identified and get used to the new system.

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This point of view is so kind. Ultimately, every software application in the market is competing with each other. There was a software launch with lots of marketing messages making people to expect and believe such. Now the team who makes people think that needs to act on it, make it happen.