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SAP Marketing Cloud as master system while integrating to c4C

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Hi all,

I have a question about system architecture.

If we integrate SMC and C4C, is it possible to first load the contact in SMC and after that replicate them to C4C as lead (unknown contact in C4C). Is a lead (Contact) created in c4c for further purpose?

Best Regards


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Hi Yoro,

yes, for example you could upload contacts to MC via CSV/Excel. You could then create target groups and use Lead Transfer campaigns in SAP Marketing Cloud to create leads in C4C. In C4C a lead is generated and in the background a Contact and an Account with status "in preparation" are created. If you create a "real" Contact out of the lead, the Contact in the background is set to "active" in C4C.

I think this is a very common use case. E.g. if someone registeres for an event on your website or something like that and the data is first transferred to SAP Marketing Cloud and if necessary handed over to a Sales colleague to C4C.

BR Tobias