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SAP Jco integration - issue spring

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Hi All,

We stumble upon an issue having a JCo integration setup. As we followed the guides on wiki/help, we still have issue initializing our beans, resulting in Hybris failing to startup.

This is how our spring definition looks like:

  <bean id="calendarService" class="somepackage.implbean" scope="sapSession" parent="sapCoreBackendObjectJCo"/>

This is how our bean definition looks like:

 public class CalendarServiceImpl extends BackendBusinessObjectBaseJCo implements CalendarService {

We have all necessary extensions defined in local.extensions and the extensioninfo. However, this service bean never gets initiated and is used as a property reference for another bean (eg. Cronjob). and thus Hybris fails to startup.

Anyone an idea? Are we missing something?

Thanks! Wesley

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you cant directly inject this bean to other bean as calendarService is session scope. use genericfactory to inject this bean into other beans. Example : see this oob implementation DefaultBolOrderFacade and see this method protected Search getSearch() { return genericFactory.getBean(SapordermgmtbolConstants.ALIAS_BO_SEARCH); } dont inject it in xml file.

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We should be capable of injecting this bean, there are dozens of examples in OOTB implementations, however to no prevail at this time. As you mentioned as a workaround, we are using the genericfactory to fetch the bean @runtime, not the nicest solution but it works. Thanks.