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SAP Hybris Marketing: Customer Data Upload

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Hello experts,

I need to write an ABAP program to upload a large volume of customer data into SAP Hybris Marketing on-prem version 1909. Please suggest a solution.

Thanks in advance,


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Please tell where you will have that ABAP program written and what is a source of your data. I can suggest that you should use OData service for your task, but how and from where you call it, really depends on your landscape.

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Hi SauMaris,

I am using the ABAP Editor for my ABAP program, and my data source is an Excel file. Essentially, I want to create an uploader to transfer a large volume of data from the Excel file and upload it to my SAP standard table. I would like to know if there are any BAPIs or function modules available that can create customers and their interactions through an Excel file upload in SAP Hybris Marketing On-Prem.

Thanks in advance.