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SAP Hybris Cloud for customer Custom solution scoping is not enabled?

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Hi All,

We have referred the SAP Cloud Application Studio help documentation Administration and lifecycle management.

We have created custom solution, BAC element. Activated, Assembled and downloaded the zip file successfully from test tenant.

We have uploaded the same in production tenant and activated in implementation manager in cloud application studio.

However, in Scoping/fine tuning the question entered under BAC element is shown as "Do you want to activate the custom solution" but the option to select is disabled. We are unable to enable the custom solution in scoping?

Can you please provide some pointers to fix this as we are unable to activate our custom solution deployed in production tenant?

Thanks and Regards,


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Dear Gauri.

Thanks for the information.

You might have set some restrictions and due to that the scoping question is deselected automatically.

If any of the depended rule is deselected this PDI question will be deselected and will be gradeout.

Kindly check your scoping element in detail and the references to it.