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SAP DBTech JDBC: [288] (at 20): cannot use duplicate table name

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Hi Experts,

I am facing an issue while doing system update via hac. My Problem is stated below:

I am using SAP HANA, having 1 data base and created Schema from database, I am using my new schema for dev2 and default schema is used in dev1.

While doing system update, i am facing issue while doing system update,

Caused by: org.springframework.jdbc.BadSqlGrammarException: StatementCallback; bad SQL grammar [CREATE COLUMN TABLE abstractcontact26sn ( ID BIGINT GENERATED BY DEFAULT AS IDENTITY, ITEMPK BIGINT, ITEMTYPEPK BIGINT, timestamp TIMESTAMP, currenttimestamp TIMESTAMP, changinguser NVARCHAR(255), context NCLOB MEMORY THRESHOLD 1000, payloadbefore NCLOB MEMORY THRESHOLD 1000, payloadafter NCLOB MEMORY THRESHOLD 1000, operationtype BIGINT, PRIMARY KEY (ID) )]; nested exception is Error in batch command number 1: SAP DBTech JDBC: [288] (at 20): cannot use duplicate table name: ABSTRACTCONTACT26SN: line 1 col 21 (at pos 20)

I am able to specify schema in URL using keyword ?currentSchema="newSchema", but i believe when we are doing system, it is trying to do system update on both Schema of the data.

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