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SAP Data Panel Problem with TableContent

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Hi everybody,

I have a problem with SAP Data Panel.

I create a new WordTemplate with Office 2010 with the Document Template Designer and a custom Webservice.

Inside there is a table that should contain all Participants with their adresses (each field in a separate column inside the Container).

As long as there is only one Participant, there Controlls are getting replaced correctly.

If there are more than one, the table contains the correct number of lines, but all are empty.

We already have implemented oss-note 1866062.

Anybody an Idea ? Any input is welcome !

Best regards, Matthias

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Hello together,

we had a similar Problem with table fields using the new content control technology. We are using templates for our quotations. The template has a item table wich should contain specific texts for every item position.

But when we want to take the table out of the SAP Data Panel via drag and drop into the template, the texts variables were not taken over, in contrast to other table variables like article number and so on.

Also it was not possible to place the missing variables separatly into the table.

The solution was to place the missing variables separatly out of the table at any position of the template you want. Then you can cut and paste the variable into the table.

Maybe this information could help you to solve the problem.

Best regards,

Patrick Müller

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Hello Ram,

here the answer from SAP OSS:


Dear customer,

When you use SAP Data Panel for MS word in creating or


document template, please be noticed that there are different type


nodes in the SAP Data Structure pane, Structure node and table


The Allattendees you mentioned is a table node while


Btpartneraddress and attributeofpartyinvolved are structure node.


you want to add the fields of a structure node under a table node into

the template, you have to add those fields as part of the


corresponding to the table node. To do so, you can follow the



1. Let's say you have selected the Header subnode and some


under the table node and a table with two rows has been created


dragging and dropping the table node.

2. First, select and right click

the table and click the context menu

item "Insert columns to the Right". An

empty column is inserted.

3. Then drag and drop a field of the structure node

into an empty line

of the template.

4. Last, drag and drop the newly

inserted field into the second row of

the new column. Repeat the steps till

all required fields are added

into the table.

New Reply from SAP :

Sorry that I gave you inaccurate statement regarding the steps for


structure variables into a table. I discussed with the former

developer about

the issue. We support nested tables (table inside a

table). But do not

support structure variables under a table variable.

The only thing which will

work at design as well as run time are

simple variables or table variables

under a table variable. The

workaround I provided can work in design time

when you design your

template. But at runtime (i.e when creating an

attachment out of such

a template) the values may not be correctly populated

in the variables

you managed to include in the template.


So Ram, you can test and see if it works !

BR Gerd

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Okay, seems that nobobdy else is using the Document Template Designer.

I opened an OSS-Call.

I will report when I get a solution.

Best regards, Matthias

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Hi Matthias,

do you have a solution for this problem now ?

I've the same problems with table content in word template with sap data panel.

Thanks Gerd

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Hi Gerd,

not until yet ... the OSS-Call is still in progress, but I hope I will get it fixed in the next days .. the SAP Development is still working on it.

I was allready told that they are currently building an OSS-Note.

I will update this here as soon as I get the solution.

But you may also send me your Email-Adress and I will inform you directly.

Best regards, Matthias

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Hi Matthias,

did you get a solution for your problem now ?

BR Gerd

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Hi Gerd,

not yet, but the problem seems to be Identified.

As soon as I have the NoteID for the fix, I will provide it here ! Promised.

Best regards, Matthias

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Hi Matthias,

Wondering if you had received any reply from SAP. We are having a similar problem and looking for a solution.

Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.



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Hi Ramanji,

no, the OSS-Message is still in progress at SAP-Side.

Currently SAP Data Panel it is under review at SAP China because there are many other issues, that lead to this problem. Currently I´m also waiting for a solution.

Best regards, Matthias

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Hi Matthias,

I am able to print the multiple records in table using content Controllers.

contact me if any body have doubts in table format.