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SAP Customer Checkout with a fiscal printer

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I'm writing to you since we need to interface SAP Customer Checkout with a fiscal printer (PrintF from RCH).

We are using the demo version of CCO and we were able to print via windows printer (normal printers). Yet, we are not aware of how we can interface the same with a fiscal printer, since the only output options on CCO are "windows printer" and "jpos".

Could you please support us in setting up a connection with the fiscal printer?

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Hi Anderson,

If you want, the company where I work (Datalab), has already developed a Plugin for SAP Customer Checkout that managed the following Italian Fiscal Printers: RCH, Epson, Axon and Olivetti.

Pointed out that from this year all fiscal printer plugins should be able to manage the new XM7 protocol envisaged by the new Italian legislation.

If you need some specific information, you can write to me.

Hope it helps

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In the standard solution we do not support integration to Fiscal Printer. This integration needs to be achieved using PlugIn/Add-on concept for SAP Customer Checkout.

However we do have partners in Italy who have long time back done integration to Fiscal Printers:
I would suggest you to get in touch with your SAP B1/SAP ByD local Product Expert, and he can bring you in touch with the partner.

Otherwise this fiscal Printer integration needs to be developed. And you need good expertise with SAP Customer Checkout PlugIn development to be able to developed that.

Hope it helps.

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Bikash Bansal
Product Owner - SAP Customer Checkou

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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I am writing to you from Panama.....

need to connect CCO with fiscal printer.Problem is that env.ajr does not have any documentation so i can't guess which methods gets executed when sale is made.

Has anyone explored problem? What is the best way to determine which method i need?

the link they previously shared does not work..

I need to create a plugin or purchase one to be able to integrate my Bixon printer to the CCO and I cannot find documentation on this topic

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Hi Anderson,

We at Seidor Retail Services has an Addon for SAP CCO to work with Italy fiscal Printer,

In fact, we have one customer in Italy working with SAP CCO using our fiscal printer addon

Please if you need some support, we will be happy to help, you can e-mail us,

Julián Fernández
Seidor Retail Services