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SAP Customer Checkout API - Update Strategy

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Dear colleagues,

We are working on a Customer Checkout implementation project and we are using Customer Checkout Manager as a backend system. We are using materials and business partner API in order to create customer and article master data, and we are having trouble understanding the difference between reference update strategy "DELTA" and "REASSIGN".

I created an article for the first time using the API. Then, I tried to send the article again with the same data but a different price. If I do it using the "DELTA" strategy, the system shows an error "Price with unit of measure X has already been added in the article". If I use the "REASSIGN" strategy, the price is updated just fine.

I thought that maybe I should always use "REASSIGN" strategy in order to update customer/material master data, but I am confused, since I also run a test with business parter API using "DELTA" strategy, and the customer was updated without any errror message (in this case, I sent the same data but different customer group).

Can anyone help me understand this?

Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards.

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Dear Anderson,

Thank you very much for your fast answer.

If I understand correctly, with DELTA mode, existing entries should be updated. If that is the case, I am having trouble understanding why I am getting error message "Price with unit of measure X has already been added in the article" when I try to resend an article with same exact payload but just changing price. Should't the existing price entry be overwritten with the new price?

Thanks a lot for your help

Kind regards.