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SAP CRM IC - End Button disabled

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Hi Frds, 

I am getting issue that the End button at IC Page getting disable. For this SAP Provide note 3277511. Where they suggested below as a manual changes in BSP Component CRMCMP_IC_FRAME , view HiddenView .

1. The standard method EH_ONFORWARDCALL of the implementation class corresponding to the view now sets the IS_INTERACTION_END attribute value to true in the case of an "InteractionEndRequest". If you have a custom implementation class, you either need to call this standard method for all cases in which you want to reactivatethe "End" button, or you need to set the attribute value by a call of the setter method SET_IS_INTERACTION_END in your redefined method in the case of an "InteractionEndRequest".


My Ques is: After catching the Event i.e. ' InteractionEndRequest '. How may i suppose to set IS_INTERACTION_END or call method SET_IS_INTERACTION_END. Both attribute am not able to find it in the system. i.e. S4CRM 205.

Please advice with the sample code. 



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Seem, if the method are not redefine, SAP Notes will takecare.

Kindly Advise how to enable a End button from View.HTML page. At runtime i have a page attribute which will hold value when to be enable or disable.