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My requirement is to display particular alert on first row(Priority Number 1 )  in the alert box.

Let's take an example if I will confirm contract Account and there are suppose to call 5 alert coming from different event(BP, CA & Premise).

Out of 5 alert one specific alert should display on first row priority wise in alert stack.

I had configured the same in IC_Manager , Rule policy and got priority on this alert, but it is working on same event itself.

E.g : If I have 5 alert which are belongs to only BP event, then it is working fine.

But when the other event triggered followed by BP event, lets take example CA Event coming after BP event, then the CA alerts are placed  on above row with the BP alert.

Is there any idea to place specific alert on to be displayed on first row  in alert stack.

Any BSP component is there for the same ???

Is there any idea to delete specific alert ???

Is there any code to read an alert when code running on different event.

E.g Suppose BP Event triggered and then CA event , while CA event can I read alert being triggered in BP Event time?

Can I set index among alert stack.?

expecting answer any one of the above.



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Hello Sneha,

these are interesting questions. I do not think there is by default a possibility to maintain absolute index of alerts, however, I think with folllowing standard features you can solve most of the problems:

* terminate alert

* trigger allert with delay

E.g., with your example, you know which alert can come up for BP event. As the CA event will come always later, you can extend the CA event rule policy by terminating of all anticipated BP events first and then re-evaluating them again.

I know, it's a bit clumsy and with some computing overhead but it works...