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SAP Commerce & SOM:Order Text exchange, what is WCB?

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I try to map the order text from ECC to SAP Commerce in the SOM standard extensions

Having a look into the code, it seems it is already implemented. However the configuration of the ID fields is weird.

I found following code:

 * The Shop object contains all kind of settings for the application.
 * <p>
 * The shop object use <code>ShopBackend</code> to comunicate with the backend.<br>
 * <i>For further details see the interface <code>ShopData</code></i>
public class TransactionConfigurationImpl extends BusinessObjectBase implements TransactionConfiguration

   private static final Log4JWrapper sapLogger = Log4JWrapper.getInstance(TransactionConfigurationImpl.class.getName());

   protected static final String DEFAULT_TEXTID_HEADER = "1000";
   protected static final String DEFAULT_TEXTID_ITEM = "1000";

   // ////////////////////////////
   // Attributes directly maintained by WCB
   // ////////////////////////////
   private String headerTextId;
   private String itemTextId;

What is this WCB and how can I configurate the headerTextId and itemTextId? The interface ShopData doesn`t exist.

There are no fields in Backoffice where I can set a value for headerTextId.

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