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SAP Commerce Cloud integration with Emarsys

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In integration Commerce Cloud version 2211.3 with Emarsys, is it possible to connect multiple stores from Commerce Cloud to one Emarsys instance?

If yes, can someone please give me an explanation?


Hello Miloš,

the integration (aka plugin) is based on Outbound Sync + Webhook from Commerce Cloud's Backoffice to Emarsys, where 1 Backoffice = 1 Emarsys tenant. This means that the "plugin" fetches all customer profiles and their transactions (order update, cart update, product review) and synchronises it to the 1 chosen Emarsys account (aka tenant).

In general, we support all versions starting 2105 with same logic.

Kind regards, Nik

Dominik Hajda,
Product Manager


Hi Dominik,

Thank you very much for your response. I already created a connection between Commerce Cloud and Emarsys and it works perfectly, but I connected just one store to Emarsys (for product sync I used just one catalog of products from one store).

I am wondering would it work if, for example, I create "master catalog" and combine several different catalogs from different stores into that one? My fear is coming from that if any of those stores decide to update products (delete, add), can I update also my modified master catalog without any major issues? And also, how to address products from different stores, there will be necessary to create custom fields for "store location" or something similar.

I hope you can understand what would I like to accomplish. If one company has several stores, can I combine them somehow and use integration from that one combined store to one Emarsys tenant.

Thank you very much.


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