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SAP Cloud CCV2 struggle

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Hi Experts

We continue to struggle with the SAP CCV2 for one or the other reasons like manifest file format is not correct or the custom folder location is different from the platform folder location and no access to logs, no ssh access and many others.

I understand that we are using Kubernetes & Kibana and all the fancy names but it feels like moving backwards with something as simple as deploying your webapp.

Shouldn't it be this simple: 1) SAP locks the hybris version with a customer (say v6.7), configures a docker hub image for that version.
2) Customers commit their code in a repo (git or mercurial) and create an image on docker hub.
3) Customers share their docker hub endpoint with SAP along with the credentials
4) SAP downloads 2 docker images, 1st the platform and then the customer specific docker image
5) SAP doesn't make any change to any file in customer's docker image
6) Since SAP has access to the servers, it can manage the directory structure
7) Once the images are downloaded in correct directory structures, SAP builds the platform

Any third party endpoint and DB endpoints are still managed by customers the traditional way and the customer's should have a place on the dashboard to do IP white listing and other network management tasks.

Any time a customer wants to upgrade, SAP can just point to the new image having the upgraded version. Customer's can see which version they are on but cannot edit. SAP has the admin access to update the version.

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Have you use the hotfolder feature?, i cannot get done the import of csv files

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No Adan, We haven't done hot-folder feature. However I would like to use it and SAP CCV2 and want this topic to get traction, so that it gets the required attention.

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Dear Adan,

Is your hotfolder problem resolved. Today I am trying to access hotfolder url given in ccv2. I am getting below error.

Can yu please help me how to move past this.

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.


Value for one of the query parameters specified in the request URI is invalid. RequestId:bbed016e-f01e-00c1-6ed2-2643f6000000 Time:2019-06-19T19:10:25.2471151Z


Thanks, Kishore.

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Hi Kishore

We made the hotfolder work with or ccv2, we download Azure Explorer and put the url and the key.

We put our csv files


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ok. Thanks for your reply. Will try this.