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SAP CDT Authentication Time Out Issue

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Hi Everyone ,

I am facing an issue with the  cdt . When i am trying to open the CDT  it is not opening and  giving me a popup as "Authentication timeout exceeded, try again later".

I peeped into the  cdt logs and found

WRN> SNET[OPEN] Secure connection failed with error TcpConnection::ConnectSync, connect failed - 10049 (0x2741) The requested address is not valid in its context.

(10049) @SessionConnect(COS.DEMIRBANK.COM,21002,...)

07:26:39.468 (08804               ) WRN> SNET[INIT] Error 2 in SessionConnect(COS.DEMIRBANK.COM,21002,...), let's try other connection! @AuthenticationBase::doConnect

07:26:39.468 (08804               ) ERR> PHONE[openSecureSession] Cannot connect to CoS startAuthentication returned: -60

I have installed COS certificate on my client ( Laptop) . Also , my Vu's are working fine . Require your inputs for the same

Thanks and Regards

Rohit Bhan

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HI Rohit,

Agur and Lasse both offered good suggestions.

I would suggest that you check to make sure you did not include any extra spaces in your client certificate section for either your Front End VU or your Website VU.  Sometimes when we copy and paste we forget that we also copy and paste an extra character.

Remember that you authenticate against your Front End VU.

Also make sure that even though you have copied the Certificate to your client laptop make sure the certificate issuer is also in the correct container and that the proper certificate path exists.

If you did not export the certificate and just tried to install the certificate from its original issuance that is also a problem.  The certificate must be exported from the Contact Center server and imported on the client machine.



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from the log extract I have seen I want to add that you should check the address of the connection server you entered in the web server configuration.

I understand you entered a DNS name here, what in theory should be fine. Did you try to enter the IP address instead?

Regarding certificate names and DNS names, for CoS they do not need to be identical, also I would consider it best practice to keep it that way. The DNS name becomes relevant if you are using https, as then the certificates CN has to be the same as the DNS name you open eg. CDT from.