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SAP CDP endpoint intent 'produce data to CDP' not saved


Hi all,

I'm creating a resource (endpoint) in SAP CDP connector studio. This resource needs to be triggered after the reception of a webhook trigger. The resource is needed to request more information about the incoming webhook request. 


  1. Receive webhook from SAP Customer Data Cloud 
  2. Use UID from webhook, map it to the request schema of the new endpoint
  3. Send endpoint to get more info about the received UID (Customer) via an enrichment point.

This seems to be natural behaviour as written in SAP Help:

Create an enrichment point when an additional call is required to retrieve event information.

In some cases, such as when receiving webhook notifications, an incoming event can contain only some of the event information, and an additional call is required to retrieve the original event information from the source platform.

To make this configuration work, I need to register my endpoints intent as 'Producte data to CDP'. However when I save and publish this intent, I gets reverted to the option 'Consume data from CDP'.


When finally, I connect my newly created application as a source I get an internal CDP server error. The error is referring to the endpoint above mentioned.



  "callId": "72bed4070c8249dc95963c7e7200520e",
  "errorCode": 500000,
  "errorDetails": "Failed to finish application creation : Failed to create enrichment points: getAccountInfo",
  "errorMessage": "Internal Server Error",
  "apiVersion": 2,
  "statusCode": 500,
  "statusReason": "Internal Server Error",
  "time": "2024-03-01T15:18:12.162Z"



Could this be a bug in SAP Customer Data Platform itself? Or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for your Help!



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