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SAP CDC | PhoneNumber as login identifier

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We faced a problem when attempting to update a phone number that was already associated with another account.

An error occurred, indicating that the phone number already exists.

We aim to enable multiple accounts to use the same phone number for the purpose of sending OTPs and verification.

While we are aware of the "phones" field under the profile object, we seek a solution where a single phone number can be utilized across multiple accounts. Are there any policies or methods that can facilitate this?




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Hello @Rvanjari,

The  SAP CDC platform's design prevents duplicate phone numbers for contacts to ensure data integrity and security, especially for operations like OTP and verification.

You can alternatively, use the EMAIL as UID and also store multiple phone numbers under the PHONE field.
Once you enabled Phone no. as an identifier, you wouldn't and shouldn't do as you wish.

I hope this answers your query.

Best Regards,
Kunal Bansal | SAP CX Solution Architect