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SAP CDC OIDC proxy page ID token

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What is the difference in the proxy page when it is returning

#id_token= vs ?id_token=

I've read somewhere that it is client side vs server side.

And how to make it ?id_token as I am getting #id_token.

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Hello jctapnio,

Yes, you're right.
The difference between #id_token and ?id_token= is related to how the token is handled on the client and server sides, and it's often associated with the use of fragments (#) and query parameters (?) in the URL.
Please refer to the

You can make changes in the OIDC RP setting/configuration as below:

I hope this information was helpful in closing this thread.

Thanks and Regards,

Kunal Bansal, SAP CX Architect

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Hi Kunal,

Thanks for your reply.

I am using id_token and as I checked the configuration, the supported response type is checked.

Is there any other settings that I can check to help me figure if I want to use query parameters?