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SAP CCtr -SAP S/4HANA Interaction Center Integration, On SAP CCtr tranfer lost country code

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Dear all,

When the call it´s tranfer to Interaction Center lost the country code, for example:

IA Config:

But in IC just show the telephone number without country code, for example: The Call is made from 123456 number, on IA the country code is 51 so the number should be sent is +51123456, but just are sending +123456.

Someone, know how i did can send correctly the telephone number to IC?

Best regards

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Could you please share the workflow behind the issue? What is the call flow?


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Hi Jukka,

The next is the flow:

1. Incoming call ( Number = 123456)

2. SOAP identintify BP by telephone number

3. Get GUID

4. Create CAD with GUID

5. Connect to Interaction Center (Send: Telephone Number with default country code +51123456, note: +51 = Perú) 5. On Interaction Center should be show +51123456 becouse the standar indentification works with ADR2.TELNR_LONG, but interaction center show +123456 lossing the part of country code.

Best regards,