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SAP BCM 7 Voicemail issue

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Using BCM 7, Users have been trying to listen to the voicemails on their CDT queues but have not been able to hear anything. The progress bar moves as if the messages are loading, and then there is a motion like they are playing, but none of them are able to hear anything.

Any response is appreciable.



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Hello Jai,

There is indeed couple of good workarounds as Lloyd told you. Please check if you can access voicemail via those. Please note that when calling to voicemail you have to press # to get into admin menu also agent have to have PIN code defined to enter the admin menu.

From the details you have told there is some options what can go wrong:
1. The recording is broken.
-> Check that actual recording file is OK at the server. You can find recording directory from SC, navigate there and locate the file. Filenames are with GUIDs and if you need to track down certain call you can go to monitoring and check details of that call - in that window you are able to see GUID.
2. Something goes wrong when file is moved from server to workstation.
-> When you click Listen button CDT does an request to Agent Server that I want this file. Agent Server then checks if this user have enough rights to listen, if yes then it send the file to CDT.
Now CDT saves temporary the file to local temp, please check if this file is received correctly (play it with media player) You can access this temp with ctrl + R shortkey and write %temp%

If it still doenst open up then I recommend you to open up ticket to us.

SAP BCM Support