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sales receipt validate not transmitted

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Hi experts

we have created sales receipt on Customer checkout. Their have status created on Customer check out monitor

but their are not transmitted on ERP(SAP BUSINESS ONE)

We canot modified them..

We have recomptabilised these receipts, but at this point the system cancels the ticket and does not recreate a ticket with a transmission to ERP ( duplicate ticket number)
Have you a solution for us

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At Customer Checkout monitor, in general the Receipt statuses are New, Released, inconsistent and Cancelled.

If you modify a Receipt then you should manually Release that modified receipt for processing. While releasing the modified receipt, system will generate new reference id and also update the status as Cancelled to the old receipt reference id.



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I don’t understand if you understood me in my question
We have a receipt that has the status create in the monitor
but it doesn’t go into Sap Business One and can’t change it to go back into synchronization
So we get recomptabiliser in Customer Checkout

at this point the receipt has the status cancelled in the monitor and tells us an error " Duplicate Receipt Number"

Our question is how modify the receipt to transmit it to SAP Business One