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sales quote - optional positions

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Hello together,

it`s about the sales quotes (workcenter sales). Is it possible to define optional positions in a sales quote, which aren`t counted in the sales quote total?

We want to offer optional products. But these products shouldn`t be counted in the total.
Maybe it`s possible to set a checkmark „optional“ for every position.

Is there any way to do this in the standard?

Thanks and regards Kathrin

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Hello Kathrin

I checked and this is currently the system behavior for now there is no way to restrict the options I believe that with a PDI it is possible to implement such a functionality via a new custom button. Since this topic is regarding a new feature request please do one of the following steps:

1- Post your request in the collaboration forum; there you can request the new features for the new releases of the system

2- If you need this functionality urgently you may contact your implementation manager to help with such request or approach directly the SAP Cloud Service Center via e-mail to SAP Service Center:

The benefits of using the above roll-in channels:

•You make your voice heard when it comes to adding new features to future releases of SAP Cloud for Customer.

•You have full transparency about what happens to all submitted ideas.

•You can engage and connect with a network of other customers, partners and SAP experts


Gabriel Brage

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