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Sales data already exists for business partner

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Hello dear sirs!

I try to replicate BP (customer) from ECC 6.0 to CRM 7.0.

Business partner has been replicated successfully, but when later came some changes, i receive error

"Sales data already exists for business partner " CRM_BUPA_FRG0010 202

advise what to do?...


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It should only be a warning message which can be overridden by pressing enter and going forward.

This depends on your definition of the key fields which are checked before saving the record to avoid duplicate records.

If the message is NOT a warning but an error one then you need to check the settings as which key fields are being considered and how do you intend to handle duplicate creation of BP.


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Thanks you.

This error message in SMW01. Please advice transaction for setup duplicate checks ...

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In order to setup the duplicate check, you will have to use the Badi ADDRESS_SEARCH.

The help is quite good on this functionality - please refer to the following link for further information:

I hope this helps,


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Hello Ita!


but how do I know that generates the error (Sales data already exists for business partner) on my system?

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Hello Kostya,

In general the reason for error CRM_BUPA_FRG0010202 Sales data already exists for business partner it that Sales area data already maintained for a customer in R/3 is flagged for deletion and later deleted/archived. Since sales area deletion

information is not transferred to CRM online, the sales area data for the replicated business partner always exists. Now, when the same sales area is re-created for the customer in R/3 at a later point of time, a BUPA_MAIN validation error is encountered with error as "Sales data is already maintained for business partner".

Is this relavant in your case? Are the BP's existing in CRM? Are this special customers is some way? Does it happen with a

a certain kind of customers? What happens when starting TA CRMM_BUPA_MAP (request)?

Please check note 1236313 whether your scenario is affected. Also check notes 757955 and 908157 in both CRM and R/3 whether the fubas are activated/deactivated. This is only to avoid influencing factor.



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Hello Wille!

In ERP there was no Sales data flagged for deletion.

Only SAP Note 974504 was implemented.

Any ideas ?