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Sales Cloud Reports - Anchor ID and BusinessPartnerInternalID

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I have as requirement to build a report gathering Data sources "Account Master Data" and a custom BO called "Diploma" built via SDK Cloud Application Studio, which are Diplomas attached to accounts basically.

However, I have created the ID Diploma_AssignedAccountID as "ID" element... now I can't build a report as "ID" and "BusinessPartnerInternalID" are not compatible for anchoring.

Do you happen to know how I can convert ID element to "BusinessPartnerInternalID", or any alternative solution?

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Hello Virak,

Unfourtunatly you will have to create a new ID field with the type "BusinessPartnerInternalID" after that you will have to extend your BeforeSave.absl in your Diploma BO to set the new ID. Then you will have to update all Diploma Objects to ensure that you have the new ID.

Maybe you should have used an association....

Check out this video and the other ones in the playlist...

Best regards