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Sales Assistant in Opportunity is Not working

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Hi Experts

Little help pls

1. I created sales cycle and sales stage and assigned sales stages to sales cycle .

   Where can I assign  sales cycle to my opportunity type in IMG ?.  is there any transaction code or IMG path ?.

2.Copied action profile 'opportunity sales assistant' and  created Y_opportunity sales assistant  and assigned this action profile to my opportunity type , also created action definition in action profile.  Where and how I can link my newly created  opportunity action profile to my sales cycle ?. So that I can choose activities in sales assistant in opportunity.

Thanks  in Advance  for your help 

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answer to question 1:

SPRO -> CRM -> transactions -> settings for opportunities -> define sales cycle and sales stages.

You need to define sales cycle and sales stages here

then in spro -> crm -> transactions -> define transaction type -> select your opt transaction type -> double click on "assignment of business transaction category -> select bus2000111 opportunity -> double click on Customizing header -> select sales cycle here to assign your sales cycle to your opt transaction type.

answer to question 2:

you question 2 is confusing. "so that I can choose activities"? what I understand is that you want to create a follow up activity when you set sales stage to some value. This is possible.

first of all, you need define your action to create a new document, specify the activity transaction type as initial value for PROCESS_TYPE. Then maintain schedule condition or leave it empty. Then maintain start condition to execute this action when sale cycle and stage set to this value. Then assign action to your action profile and assign this action profile to your transaction type.


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Thank you so much it helped me a lot .