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Runtime error when calling IPC from CRM Webshop

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We are configuring IPC 7.0 in combination with CRM 7.0 Web Channel B2B. We have successfully configured and tested the IPC using the CRM Enterprise functionality (caller types crmordermaintain, crmproductsimulation, crmproductcatalog).

For Internet Sales we need both the isab2b and isacatalog callers. In XCM for Internet Sales I configured a customer Application Configuration (type b2bcrmstandard) with customer-specific jcodata (connection test OK) and default ipcdata (ISA/isab2b/isacatalog).

In XCM for IPC I configured customer Application Configurations for the caller types mentioned in the beginning, and also for isab2b and isacatalog. For caller types crm* I have to maintain my specific jcodata connection. For the isab2b and isacatalog types however this parameter is not available, so doesn't seem to be necessary.

I use IPC for pricing in the shop. I can create an order with a regular non-configurable product, but as soon as I add a configurable product to the basket, I run into a runtime error. As said, the IPC works and the product can be configured through CRM online. Knowledge base is available. We also get the runtime error (no info in ST22) when accessing pricing analysis for regular products.

When testing the IPC application configuration separately and querying it for the knowledge base (via direct URL) we see the error "An error occured including /ipc/mimes/scripts/jscripts.jsp: <br/> Error in JSP..".

Any ideas on why we run into this error?

Thanks in advance!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please check SAP note [1358883|] this may assit depending on your kernel patch level.



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Hi Mark,

We just applied the latest patch, but unfortunately without success. Should you have any other suggestions, I 'd very happy to hear.

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The problem might have been related to the newest (not yet GA) Netweaver stack we were using. As this was a proof of concept, we didn't require the additional IPC functionality, so used a workaround. What we did find, was that SAP's Internet Sales developers didn't know the solution either, but definitely took a hands-off approach once they heard which version we were using. This was a rather disappointing experience.

Edited by: Koen Zweers on Mar 22, 2011 8:50 AM

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