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Reuse AET field in other enhanced business object

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The discussion to the topic make reuse of field created by AET in othe enhanced business object started in this previous thread:

However, since this is not the real issue in that thread, but at the end there was still open question, I decided to post this thread to give a little bit clarification for this topic.

This is kind of complementary to this link: /people/tzanko.stefanov2/blog/2008/11/18/application-enhancement-tool-creating-and-reusing-custom-fields-with-crm-70-part-1-of-2

If one creates a field in MKTPL_MPL -> Header using AET, he can reuse it in MKTPL_CPG -> Header. The field created in MKTPL_MPL -> Header is also available in MKTPL_CPG in "Add Reusable Fields" popup.

I hope this can help you reusing field in other business object.

One of the main reason why customer should "reuse" the field, if it's make sense and possible, is because the database limitation. Specially in One Order application like Sales Order, Service Order, etc, which has one generic DB table for the header, defining two fields which have the same meaning one for Sales Order and Service order will fill the DB table with some more bytes for the second field. If a field has the same meaning over several BOs, consider to make reuse of this field.

Note: transaction AXTREG is maintained by SAP as a registry for AET. Customer should not make any changes on it.



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1. Enhanced Business Object: This is a term defined and used by AET to specify what business object can be enhanced. This is more or less in 1 to n relationship to the UI Object Type define from the UI framework. I.e. SALES_ORDER, ACCOUNT, MKTPL_CPG(Marketing Campaign), MKTPL_MPL(Marketing Plan), etc. See transaction AXTREG under node Extensible BOs.

2. Enhanced Business Object Part: This is a term defined and used by AET as a sub object of enhanced business object. An enhanced business object has at least one or several part pyhsically can be enhanced. I.e. MKTPL_MPL -> Header, MKTPL_CPG -> Header, SALES_ORDER->ORDERADM_H, etc. Enhanced BO part is kind of logical name for a technical place. See transaction AXTREG und the node BO Parts.

3. A technical place is a name for an extension include or customer include, where a field is created by AET. I.e. MKTPL_MPL -> Header has INCL_EEW_MKTPL_HEADER as technical place. See transaction AXTREG und the node Place.

4. Custom Field/FIeld Enhancement/AET field: This term is used for field created by AET in a specific enhanced BO part.

5. Reusable Field: This term is used for field that is created in one enhanced business object part and field is visible in other enhanced BOs that share the same enhanced BO part. I.e. MKTPL_MPL -> Header and MKTPL_CPG -> Header share the same part, because the part points to the same technical place: INCL_EEW_MKTPL_HEADER.