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Restrict Relationship Type for Contacts via Code List Restriction

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Hello experts,

i want to restrict relationship types for Contacts so that only one relationship type is visible ('is Contact Person for'):

Via Codelist restriction the relevant option 'Relationship type' is only available for Business Object 'Accounts':

Only possibility i found to restrict at least custom relationship types is via Fine-Tuning > General Business Partners > Maintain Relationships:

Any ideas or is an Influence Request needed?

Thanks in advance and best regards,


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Active Contributor

Hello Max,

You are correct. This is not available for Contacts. So you could either attempt this through sdk custom code or submit an idea. And then start calling 15+ of your friends from different organizations to vote for your idea; without that it will just die out in the influence portal. 😄

(I think its 15 votes but its been ages since I visited the influence portal because it doesn't seem to be influencing anything and the product owners pick and choose whatever they want to deliver; not that I'm influencing (no pun intended) you to not submit one.)


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Hi Julius,

thanks for your reply, i can relate. 😄

Then i will talk to my SDK colleagues before creating an Influence Request.

Best regards,