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Require C4C info - Use Case: Emergency/Ambulance service

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Hi guys,

I am preparing a presentation for the CTO of a company that handles an ambulance service and was wondering whether there is a industry specific scenario for giving a better understanding to him.

I have been researching and healthcare is the nearest scenario I have found, yet, not exactly the same.

There is no doubt, product should be Clouf dor Services, there should be integration through CTI as company receives emergency calls through phone (no other communication method required unless they want to internally use SMS which would avoid needing the use of internet through the city).

Could someone help me with an existing SAP presentation or providing some additional inputs I could use for preparing this meeting?

Thanks in advance.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Alejandro

Out-of-the-box, there are no industry-specific capabilities available within C4C for Emergency/Ambulance service management per se. However, service capabilities available within C4C would serve well for such a solution. Telephony & SMS integration within Service Ticket Management, SLA management, built-in analytics for response-time tracking & service-time tracking etc. are some of the key components that can be easily configured for an ambulance service management scenario.

Mobility plays a key role in such a scenario as well. Ambulance crew and paramedics are now considered key members of the patient care team. Dispatch of medical records in advance from the ambulance to the doctor through mobile apps can reduce administrative or diagnosis time, there by improving overall service-time and quality of service.

I'm sure you can find some great content on this topic on the web - not specific to C4C per se but talking about relevance of CRM systems in the context of ambulance/emergency service management.



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