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Reports in Offline SAP C4C

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Hello Experts!!!!

I hope you are well today, does anyone know if it is possible than in reports to the system shows up more than 200 records in offline mode .

I know that if I want to have this information in offline mode before to synchronize I need to open the reports and then start my synchronization, but when I work in offline mode I only see 200 records and my reports have more than 200 records, is it possible that I can configure something to have more information?

Thank you in advance for your support.

Regards, Amy.

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Answers (2)

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You can also check the following link where it contains the list of Offline Enabled Work Center Views.

SAP Help Portal (List of Offline Enabled Workcenter Views)

Regards, Arthur

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you can configure how data to be synchronization. to do so, go to following work center :
administrator - general settings - offline settings.

there are data download rules to control which work center view and which query to use ; including maximum number of records allowed to be synchronized; which is specified for respective business role

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Hello Jushan!!

Thank you for your answer, but I had validated from that workcenter and the reports are not available yet.