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Repopulating BOL Structure via ONSELECT Event

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Hello. I have searched the forums and could not find an answer. We currently use WebIC and have a screen where the CSRs can add and remove addresses (related to the business partner). A change was requested to add a phone number table to this screen so that phone numbers for each address can be maintained (since phone numbers are tied to the address). Addresses are one BOL structure and phone numbers are a different BOL structure. Basically what I am trying to accomplish is, when an address is selected, the phone number BOL structure is repopulated with phone numbers associated with that address and the view is refreshed to show those phone numbers. I am not sure if this is even possible but wanted to ask. The CSR can then add, change, or remove phone numbers and when they hit SAVE, the data should be replicated back to ECC. Has anyone done anything similar to this or know how to accomplish this (or is this even possible)? Thanks for any assistance.

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Hi Kevin,

Have a look at this link,this might help you.


With Regards,