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Replicate new Relationship Types from C4C to MC

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Dear Experts,

when a new relationship type in C4C is defined (e.g. ZCHM03 - "Is member of XYZ") and set on Account Level, it is transferred to MC in the Business Partner Relationship. In MC we receive an error message in the Message Dashboard saying "ZCHM03(s) do not exist or are not active or you do not have authorization".

I'm not aware of the possibility to maintain those Relationship Types in MC.

How to proceed? Do we have to maintain that anywhere or to disable the transmission to SAP Marketing Cloud?

Kind Regards


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Hi schneidertj

Please have a look at this badi description "Business Partner Mapping: Get Relevant Relationship Categories".

In this enhancement, we have the option to remove the unwanted categories.

Hope this helps !


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Hi Kamesh,

thanks for your hint. In my opinion it should work, if we implement it like that, right?

We tried and it doesn't. Still getting the same error in the Dashboard.

But as I understand, the BAdI is called during the mapping of the Business Partner to the Interaction Contact. For me that seems like the error is happening before and we are not allowed to write the new Relationship Category Code into the corresponding table. Could that be the reason?

BR Tobia