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Replace an existing Ship-To with another!

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Hi Experts,

We have a requirement in CRM E-Commerce Webshop, where if a user selects a ship-to-party other than Sold-to-Party, we need to default it back to Sold-To-Party.

To Acheive this, coding has been done in 'ORDER_SAVE' badi where in the we are adding the correct ship-to-party first and then deleting the worng sold-to-party in 2 CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN calls.

When this piece of code is triggered, the bdoc goes into error stating the following message

'You cannot delete partner function Ship-to party (mandatory function in Standard order-procedTA)'...

Any pointers or suggestions in this regard would be of great help!



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Chaitanya,

I am not sure about your requirement. If the sold-to should always be the same like the ship-to - why do you allow

to select the ship-to by the user ? You should maintain the Partner Det-Procedure in that way that the correct ship-to will be found. This is much easier than using a badi to get your reqirement.

However in PDP you can maintain a partner function as mandatory (field min. occurance to '1'), or if it is changeable or not.

Best regards


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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I have the same considerations as Rene, but I guess you must have the reason for it. Anyway, about your problem, I would say that you coded the replacement of ship-to party in that way that you first delete ship to party partner and then add new one. And when you deleted the bdoc goes to error. Change the coding, so that you do direct eplacement.